Monday, May 08, 2006

nuthin is impossible
XCUZEEEEEEEEE ME... in response to ur previous article... to be more precise, ur last line;

PS: Sorry la Adrian, since you're not born in the first 3 months, its abit hard for you to play alongside with Ronaldinho.

i happen to be born on the exact date as french football superstar Thierry Henry exactly a decade after he was born!!! and rumours are circulating (just rumours...) that maybe, just maybe this Arsenal's all-time leading scorer with over 200 goals, and "Golden Boot" (most goals scored) in 2002, 2004, 2005 and 2006 receiver will be transferring to Barcelona (where Ronaldhinho playz, after the World Cup!!!)
so ahem... it's a bit hard, but nuthin is impossible... hehehe...
a couple of interesting quotes found about Henry...
"Ronaldinho is a special player, but Thierry Henry is probably technically the most gifted footballer ever to play the beautiful game." - Zinedine Zidane
"Henry is a beautiful player and has got complete technique,I adore watching him. I respect him very much as a man and as a footballer. He reminds me of myself. - Ronaldinho


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