Sunday, November 19, 2006


I washed my handphone in hot running water with a handsome dose of soap yesterday...idiot!
It happened after playing football in Mériadeck which as you guys should now by now, is full of dog shit. I had inevitably got some in my hand and as I handled my handphone before going home, I wanted to sterilize it alongside with my watch and specs. For some unknown reason, I though handphone nowadays are water proof, so whosh, I did what I did and now my phone is dead. I am such a genius.



Muhsin said...

nice move

Gavin said...


zaRf zulkifli said...

hahhaha GAVINNN!!!ape ko buat ngan hp tuu??hahhhha.

Anonymous said...

je n'en rajouterai pas
I have ever made fun of you
(ça se dit comme ça?)