Thursday, April 19, 2007

Recent news:
  1. Ijok is up for by-election
  2. The Selangor government has allocated RM36 million for various development projects to be implemented within these two weeks in Ijok.
  3. Our MB, Datuk Seri Dr Mohd Khir said the projects were not aimed to fish for votes as claimed by the opposition as they had been planned by the state government for quite some time. come I have this feeling that this idiot thinks that we malaysian are stupid and bribable?

Another tragedy of an indian man being seperated from his family (wife and six children) because the local Islamic police thinks that his wife is a muslim. *_* His family is now in a reeducation camp I believe.
How can barbaric things like there still happen in Malaysia?

I quote a well know malaysian lawyer:

Sad as it is, and as difficult as it is to say, we are no longer the learned or mature society that we perhaps once were. In place of sophisticated and objective analysis of crucial issues, there is now a regime of sensationalist ignorance and belligerence.

Worse still, we live in a state of denial, insisting that we are more advanced and intellectual than we really are. Look at the issues that figure prominently in the arena of public discourse. How many of these relate to the fundamental aspects of our lives as Malaysians. Admittedly, civil liberty issues such as nude squats and burial rites are important, but where do a lack of coherent economic policy, a lack of coherent governance, a lack of political foresight, an overemphasis on vested interests, institutionalised and crippling corruption and a lack of direction for this great country of ours figure? They do not, in any meaningful way. In having allowed these crucial issues to fall by the way side, in having allowed ourselves to become more interested in being titillated by insane billionaires, sex scandals, Mawi and Academia Fantasia, we have begun throwing away our future.

I used to think that this was due wholly to a media block by the authorities, implemented in tandem with a policy of de-education. I have reconsidered my view and believe that a large part of this is due to an inability, and a lack of desire, on the part of Malaysians to articulate themselves anymore. This is why our media is devoted to gossip and our broadsheets reduced to tabloids. We are all to blame.

Malik Imtiaz Sarwar
The least we can do is to voice out our opinion this coming general election.


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