Saturday, April 21, 2007

The Star has some news about some popular get-rich-quick investment scheme in Malaysia.

Since high school, I have seen lots of similar schemes, too many of them in fact that distracts students from their studies and destroys relationships.

The classical signs that the latest "investment" fad is a pyramid scheme in disguise:
-Schemes promising 2 to 3 percent interest per day.
-schemes promising 300% or you know, up to 1000% of gain per year. (mind mind, even Warren Buffet, the world's second richest guy has consistantly got returns in the mid 20s%)
-They use bombastic terms like investment consultant, leverage, natural resources play, credit default swip, derivatives, options that basically mean nothing in the context they're using.
-They claim that they are from Swiss/USA/UK/-insert your favourite advance nation- with a professionnel investment team but they actually are just from Malaysia.

If you really want to invest but don't know much about the stock market, bond market; no loads (or rather low fees) mutual funds are the way to go. A very good example is Fidelity (although their performance is not as good as before recently) and for people in Malaysia, TA Investment Bhd (I don't really like their high entree fee though).

If not, if you really want to get rich quick, join the pyramid scheme, but with the condition that you get in early and get out before it collapse. Or much better, start your very own scheme and name if after yourself .
If not, you can join UMNO and get rich quick.too :)


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