Sunday, January 14, 2007

Accounting in china, from the economist.

An equally large problem is the lack of accountants to process the raw numbers. In no other place in the world, and probably at no other time in history, have accountants been so sought-after as they are in China. By even the most generous reckoning, the country has fewer than 70,000 practising accountants, trying to do the work of anything from 300,000 to a million bean counters. To be an accounting student at a reputable school is to have a good job waiting. But even after several years of education, accountants require an apprenticeship, especially if they are to get to grips with international standards based on intellectually demanding principles rather prescriptive rules. Accountants in Britain, acknowledging the difficulties, are helping with the training.

Conclusion? It is good to study accounting.



xin suan guy said...

don't ask me to study accounting la
bore to see all number only. have to calculate it, not to expect for income wo

merdeitis said...

yo..who is xin suan guy? aparently,i should know you well but i have no idea who you are :)