Thursday, January 04, 2007

Love with no boundaries (translation of a previous post entitled "Un amour sans frontière" by Do Huong Tra)

One fine day, a young gurl travelled to Mars by rocket with her dog. That day, Pierre, a Martian was resting in his tent. The first time he saw this young gurl, he was taken in by her undulating gestures (dunno what the heck that actually means, i’m just a humble translator...). It was love at first sight... He then placed the words “Invitation of my Love” and placed it on his tent. Then, taking his flute he started to play a beautiful traditional Martian tune. He waited, and waited... The young gurl listened attentively... the tune bringing back long lost memories of when she lived with her large family. She approached the tent, climbing upon the rocks, her little dog always close by her side. Pierre, being behind the curtain, heard her deft footsteps approaching, and out he came. Four eyes met for the very first time. Each finding their equal halves.

A year flew swiftly by, and they decided to wed on Earth, where they returned to by a highly modern elevator (makes me think of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory). Birds sang, and both worlds wished the newly weds happiness, great health and longevity.

An event marking the very first marriage between two people from totally different worlds. Simply signifying love with no boundaries.

comment; while tis is a beautiful story inspiring young lovers out there that there is such a thing as love with no boundaries, one has to wonder whether it really exists... love with no boundaries? come to think of it, there always is something holding u back... keeping u apart... language barriers, distance... don't u think? well, i would really like to know what u guys out there think about tis, so keep em ideas and opinions flowing in the comments section oki...?

tis story was written by a mum of a fren... found it a lil amusing and really moving... especially the last line... which is why i decided to place it here...



gavin said...

Nice translation...Well, I hope it's à la fois a prophecy and an encouragement for you.

Afterall, there is not that MUCH difference between malaysia and vietnam :)

alvin said...

such an unbelievable fictive love story that makes one's heart weeps.. =)

it is true that love has no boundaries in this ever-changing world...

it can be true love, it can a be a materialistic one; only oneself is able to define it.