Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Belgians

Our friend use to tell us a story about the belgians

The Belgians are usually rediculed among europeans because they are not very bright, so one day, the Belge president asked the french government to build a flyover out of nowhere, say a jungle so that people will see that it's not only the Belgians who are stupid.

So the French president, ever so kind, acquiesced. He built one and people all over the world started laughing at the french. So the Belge president was satisfied, he observed that now that everyone has made fun of the french, they're now equal, and it's time to take down the flyover.

The French president says that he couldn't, since there are still Belgians that continue to pay tolls to use the flyover.


Anyway, I just read the news (yeah, it's real) : When asked to sing the Belge national anthem,
Yves Leterme, the probable future Belgian prime minister burst out the French national anthem, la Marseillaise.

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