Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Different IUTs for this September.

For some strange unknown reason, most of us still don't know whether we are accepted or not by our universities this coming rentrée. (or start of academic year) A check on IUT de Bordeaux's website shows that most admission decisions are made by July, thus our situation. The funny thing is that all the JPA students seems to know their destination very early, which I believe is partly due to their couse selection and relationship with the IUTs and grandes ecoles...

As you can see on the map to your left, we are quite dispersed but no one has chosen the north-west and south-east part of France. 4 of us have confirmed their placings: Zaid: Amiens, Ali, Kamil, Luk: Annecy
The rest of us are still unsure: Amir: Lyons, Eijas: Lille, Adrian: Bordeaux, me:still torn between Bordeaux and Toulouse...Will keep you all updated.

Update: Adrian and I got Bordeaux, the problem is housing, what Martin proposed to us is very expensive...I'll see if I can find some cheaper ones...
Update: Eijas and Zarf got Lille, Syafiq and Amir got Belfort. Good luck :)


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