Sunday, June 18, 2006

Randonnée à Hohrodberg, Munster (10 Juin)

Last saturday, we went for some tracking in the Voges with 3 of our French teacher: Gio, Pat and Rosy. Munster is famous for its cheese, but thats not the point here since we're not visiting those caves in which they "matures" the cheese. We departed from Colmar at 10.15 am, arrived there at nearly 11, where Rosy joined us. Zafran had a field day scaring the teachers with a toy spider that craws he found along the way. =.= Pat and Rosy leads the way, as they tracks alot during their freetime and thus, considered the veterans.

We spotted some birds atop a municipal building, they were at least 6 nests for them, with them flapping their wings once around. It sure looks like some robots to me, but Adrian and Zarf disagreed...well, it seems robotic to me, until I noticed a family of this dunno-what-name bird. A family of robots I would say! Well, I was wrong, they were real birds...Rosy told us that they were caged to prevent them from migrating to the Afriques during winter because of the fear of poachings.

We continued our journey and saw some houses and villages along the way. I wonder why some people chose to live that high up in the mountain. I suppose they like the view, the clean air and the pristine surrounding more than they hate the possible inconvenience. Along the way, Ali performed some dances à la Bollywood and we were all abit worried for his saneness. :) Well, to make a long story short, it was nearly a six hour track with lots of pauses and laughters in between. The trip was well worth it.


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