Saturday, June 03, 2006

Rendez-vous in Berlin!

That FIFA has decided to play the Final Match in Berlin, beside being a wonderful stadium, also sends a signal to the world. No other European city stands for history as Berlin does. From here two world wars were instigated. Then, or more than 40 years, two political systems had to coexist in such narrowness. Check point Charlie and the old DC-3 “Rosinenbomber” airplanes still tell their stories to visitors from all over the world.
Now as the city is re-born, Berlin stands for the reunification of Germany and more peaceful times.

Woohoo, I will be in there for the world cup finals from the 8th to 11th July along with Zarf, Amir, Kamil, Adrian, Syafiq, Eddie and his friend. The easyjet flight costed the few of us who just booked today 98€. I am sure we would get a cheaper price if we book like...3 months before the actual event itself. Although none of us have the actual tickets to the match, we are rather looking forward towards the atmosphere itself: The overcrowded city, the overbooked hotels, the overpacked bars, the estimated 1.2 billion spectateurs of the match, and most importantly, the spirit of football that unites everyone. (strangely, a german minister just warned black people not to visit certain part of germany because of the fear of racial discrimination, so much for the spirit of the "beautiful game" zzz) Heck, the 4 of us don't even know where we're going to stay, I don't mind sleeping in the park though :) .With hindsight, I realize that we have not asked permission from our french teachers because there is no holiday in France during the finals...anyway, they'll understand, normalement...



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