Saturday, June 03, 2006

Wedding Rules for Every Bride 2

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Wedding Rules: The Don'ts

1)Don’t assume anything from a wedding planner or other vendors. Make sure you get everything in writing so that you know exactly what you both have agreed on and know exactly what every penny is going toward.

2)Don’t get too distracted by advice from the many people who will be eager to give it, especially when it’s unsolicited. You may get good advice and new ideas, but just make sure they’re in line with your vision. You and your groom know yourselves the best, and you want your style reflected in the wedding.

3)Don’t feel pressured to comply with all of your families’ or wedding guests' requests. Sometimes they don’t realize just how unreasonable or unfair a request might be. Naturally, you’ll want to please everyone, but it’s just not possible. Accommodate specific, reasonable requests the best way you can, but remember, it’s your wedding and your money.

4)Don’t forget to send wedding invitations to your parents, bridal party and even the officiant. This small detail is surprisingly often overlooked by brides, but hugely appreciated by the recipients.

5)Don’t make your wedding guests pay for anything, such as an entrance fee to the park where your wedding is held. If you have chosen a destination wedding, decide what you’re willing to pay for in regards to your guest’s or wedding party’s arrangements. Keep in mind that you can’t expect everyone to be able to afford the traveling costs, so if you really want them there, you might have to help accommodate their needs.

6)Unless you and the majority of everyone else have GREAT relationships with your ex, wedding rules dictate that it’s usually not a good idea to invite them to the wedding.

7)Don’t be late to your own wedding. It shows a lack of regard for the groom, your guests as well as your vendors (think melted ice sculptures and other bookings). To avoid being late, give yourself plenty of time just in case something goes wrong.
Pulling off a fabulous wedding is no easy task. But following proper wedding rules can actually make your wedding day that less stressful and make it that much more enjoyable for you, your groom and your special guests.
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