Thursday, June 01, 2006

Wedding Rules for Every Bride
hey, phew, its been a while since ive written in here... anywayz, here's somethin i got from
As one of the most important days of your life, a wedding can be a simple, intimate ceremony with your closest of friends and family, or an all-out, all-night extravaganza. From the dress to the cake to the party favors - planning a wedding and all of its details becomes overwhelming for most brides. Because each wedding is so individual to the couple, there aren’t too many wedding rules when it comes to a theme, style or location. However, anyone who has ever been involved in a wedding or the planning of one knows that weddings can get out of hand very quickly. So for any prospective bridezillas, it’s time to read up on your wedding etiquette so that you can make the wedding more enjoyable for everyone involved…
Wedding Rules: The Do’s
1)Budget, budget, budget! Create a budget before doing anything, even before hiring a wedding planner. You will probably exceed your initial budget once you start shopping around, which will help put a perspective on how much weddings can cost. How much are you willing to spend on what? How many wedding guests will be attending? Also factor in the little costs that are often missed, like postage for RSVP’s and tips for the vendors. Remember that a wedding doesn’t have to break your bank account and that there’s always less-expensive, and often just as nice, alternatives.
2)Do your research and do it in plenty of time before the wedding date. Being prepared with price matching is a great way to keep the costs down and explore all options you have. When deciding on a menu, you should not only meet with the caterer and baker, but make sure they offer sample tastings.
3)Do include your groom in the wedding planning as much as possible or as much as he wants to be. Weddings are a union, and details should be decided on together.
4)Wedding rules dictate that you should make table visits during the ceremony so that your wedding guests feel important and appreciated. After all, they came to see you!
5)Do write personal thank you notes! Individualizing your thank you notes shows your guests that you were paying attention and really appreciate their gift and their presence at the wedding. If you don’t have time to write long, individual notes, at least mention the specific present that was given. Personal thank you notes are also important to let the guests know that their present made it into your hands.
6)Do think of your wedding as a very special day in your life, but remember that it’s only ONE day, and chances are that everything won’t be perfect. If something doesn’t go according to plan, have a sense of humor about it.
7)The biggest “do” a bride can make is to remember that the wedding is a celebration of the marriage, and the marriage is what matters the most.
i'll post the DON'Ts later okiez... read up ppl...


merdeitis said...

adrian, have you forgotted what you learned in class? marriage is an old fashion tradition and its meaningless! After all, half of the mariage in the US ends with a divorce. haha just kidding la, want to be politically incorrent once in a while.


merdeitis said...

ermmm... xcuse me for being a "hopeless romantic" and wanting to get married... =)

*damn!!! can't think of a better come back than that!!!


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