Wednesday, April 05, 2006

how the french curse
well as it says under the blog title... 'a little french culture from me to you...' and to keep to that promise, lets start off today with some really important culture... lets see how the french curse shall we...?
well, first and foremost, one of the most famous words used in the art of cursing here in France, is of course a part of our blog title;
MERDE (which as i have explained earlier, means shit)
another word used almost as reguliarly (if not more) as MERDE, is the word PUTAIN which i think means whore... it is used more or less, like how we use the word fu*k... like the other day when i was playing badminton, and the players shouted PUTAIN MERDE!!! whenever they missed or sumthin like that, u get the drift...
moving on, there are words such as CONNARD which is kinda used when u wanna call a person a fu*k*n asshole... then there is SALOPE which again means bitch/whore, and the masculin form, SALAUD...
then to finish off, we have lighter words like DEBILE, which basically means, moron or idiot... and to say, what bullshit is this?!?, one would say QU'ELLE CONNERIE?!?
and there it is... enough culture for one day?
~i apologise for certain sensitive elements mentioned in the above post... yeah right~

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