Sunday, April 16, 2006

Intel continued to lose market share...
good or bad news? it's for u to decide... intel which will be releasing its quarterly report on the 19th of April expects another drop in profits...

"Profits could be down as much as 35%, as Intel continued to lose market share to arch rival Advanced Micro Devices (AMD).
The technology industry’s bellwether has suffered several quarters of disappointing profit and sales. Based in Santa Clara, California, Intel is set for earnings of 22 cents a share for the first quarter, according to the average analyst estimate on Reuters Estimates. That compares with 34 cents a share a year earlier.
AMD shares have risen 85% over the past year, compared with a fall of 15% for Intel whose shares closed on Friday at $19.5, close to their 2006 low of $19.1."
so technically share prices will drop to an 'all time low'... so purchasing intel shares might (as gavin said in his earlier post) be a really good idea, especially when;
"Analysts say Intel’s prospects should brighten in the second half of the year, when its redesigned chips – optimised to use less energy and run at higher speeds – hit the microprocessor’s market. Intel Malaysia is working on the next-generation microprocessors at its Penang design centre."
so, like i said, good news, bad news, it's up to u to decide and act upon... for me, i'll be purchasing loads of intel stocks for sure... if i had the cash!!!
P/S; we'll be leavin for a week-long partyin trip to amsterdam so we won't be able to update anytime soon...

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