Sunday, April 09, 2006

A night out at Paris

From 19th to 26th of February, 20 of us students from all over France went to Paris for some camp...while travelling in the Paris Métro, I cannot help but admire how much we have learnt since 8 months in France. From reading the map to ordering foodstuff, I think we done that with relative ease. I can still remember the first day we all were in Paris, it was like a total confusion for us...and without Kimi and Fadhil guiding us, we would probably die :)

We visited the Champs Elysées with all its luxurious shops that we do not dare to enter. Maybe one day with a lot more money, as said by Ali, we would enjoy it better. We also visited Concorde, crossed the Seine (the river flowing through Paris), passed the Assemblée Nationale (the french parliament) and visited Opéra, where we can find the famous Café de la paix. Why is it famous? The Opéra area was once the hub of café society in Paris, and while the "hub'' is no longer, the elegance of that time remains.

We headed towards the 13ème arrondissement next, where we descended at Porte d'Ivry...or better known as Chinatown... it was abit late, we didn't really see many things there, save some chinese restaurants and shops. We even managed to find a Malaysian/Vietnamise/Indonesion restaurant, with dishes like Kelapa Ikan Masak Merah and Sambal Udang. How I missed Malaysian food, I won't be going home this year though...its time to visit Europe...


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