Friday, April 28, 2006

Séjour in Amsterdam

From 18 to 21 April, I visited Amsterdam along with Eijas, Amir, Syafiq and Zarf. We took a flight from Bâle using SwissAir which costed us like 63€? Quite cheap. Anyway we stayed in Tourist Inn Budget Hotal and traveled to the fabled red light district on the same day. It wasn't really on purpose since we wanted to take a stroll but what strikes me is that the red light district is actually nearer to the main train station compared to the other attractions in Amsterdam. Well, whats in there? Prostitutes of all kind can be found displayed in front a display window trying to attract their client. With fees ranging from 30€, 50€ to 70€ can do what you want to do la...(ask adrian how he knew the price :) )

The next day, we took a cruise along the many canals of amsterdam. We were told that in the ancien times, the canals were divided into uses for tradding, transportation and military purposes. In the afternoon, we spend 4 hours in Keukenhof, the world's largest flower garden. It is situated in Lisse, which is around an hour's drive from Amsterdam. We saw lots and lots of tulips and we didn't realize how lucky we were because mid-april is the best time to see those blooming tulips. Believe me, they were awesome...

Rotterdam , located in the province of South Holland, is the second largest municipality in the Netherlands (after Amsterdam). The city has the largest port in Europe and was until recently the largest port on earth; it is found on the banks of the river the Nieuwe Maas, one of the streams in the delta formed by the Rhine and Meuse rivers. The name "Rotterdam" is derived from a dam in a small river, the Rotte, which joins the Nieuwe Maas at the heart of the city. Generally, it is more of a commercial-financial city than a cultural one. There are high rise offices and sprawling malls everywhere. They have some nice bridges too...we wanted to visite the port but we guess its abit far and we prefered to cover the city first.

In Keukenhof...

In the cruise along the canals of Amsterdam

In keukenholf

In the cruise along the canals of Amsterdam


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