Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Rich Dad Poor Dad is total baloney!!!

Rich Dad Poor Dad is total baloney!!! I was stuck at the airport for like twelve hours the other day on my trip back to Basel-Moulhouse from Rome and i had the ‘pleasure’ to dig into this so called ‘best seller’ that i have heard many people talkin about.

So i read on... even against the advice of my friend Gavin who warned me that Robert Kiyosaki is full of crap... and so on i read with the illusion set deep down in my unrealistic mind that after finishing this book i will become a financial genius... and so through the first few chapters i ploughed on only to find that after about the fifth chapter, this guy was crapping the whole time. I mean, there is some truth to what he says, but most of these stuff are information that are generally known... like the school system today sucks and doesn’t prepare students to face the real world... i mean, who doesn’t know that?

Ok ok... and what about repetition? I understand the power of repetition, i mean it’s important to drive in a point and keep reminding the reader of an essentiel point and thus, ‘repetition’... but imagine reading a recurring sentence like ‘most parents will tell their kids to “study hard, and get good grades and you will find a high paying job with great benefits”(which is stupid of course)’ for more than ten times and you’ll understand how i felt reading this crap, when he does that for other stuff too, not just this particular sentence... ok ok, maybe not ten times but you get it right. And thats how this book managed to reach its 255 pages, by repeating insignificant bullshit...
to be continued...
P/S; this was taken from my friendster blog dated 1 january 2005... (adriano87aakk@yahoo.com)

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