Sunday, April 09, 2006

invest, invest, invest!!!

so, like gavin said, "if there is a place where u can earn lots of money and consistently, it is the stock market"... and how true a statement it is... so invest, invest, invest!!!

no matter how much i hate to agree with Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, there is a bit of truth in which he says, to be financially 'fit/stable' (or what his exact words were im no longer sure) we need to aquire assets and dis-acquire (if such a word exists) liabilities... what are assets, and what are liabilities?

simple said, assets are stuff that puts money into ur pockets and liabilities take money out... examples of assets can be stocks, mutual funds, bonds etc, whereas liabilities are like houses, cars etc which u have to pay mortgages, rentals and stuff like road tax which true enough takes money out of ur pockets... in a students life, liabilities can be in the form of pets where u have to feed it, which... takes money out of ur pockets again!!!

so then, in order to be financially fit, one needs to identify one's liabilitites, and one needs to acquire assets, in short, learn to invest... and to learn to invest u need to first know the basics of stocks, mutual funds, bonds etc... (which will be in the next post as i am too tired to type and think right now... hahaha... au revoir)

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